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What Is Abdominoplasty?

tummy tuck atlantaAbdominoplasty, or “tummy tuck” is a surgical procedure involving the removal of excess skin and fat from the abdomen and tightening the abdominal muscle wall. The procedure can make a dramatic reduction in the appearance of the abdomen making the cost for tummy tuck seem insignificant. The one trade off that must always be considered is that it does produce a permanent scar which is usually minimized but may extend from hip to hip depending on the amount of reduction required.  This scar and the perceived cost for tummy tuck that it adds may be considered as incidental when thinking of the value added to your life by allowing you increased freedom and confidence to interact with family and friends and enjoy everyday activities more fully.

Who is a usual candidate for abdominoplasty?

Men or women who are in good physical health but have been unable to lose excess skin and fat from the abdominal area despite diet and exercise, are usually excellent candidates for this procedure especially if their perceived value from the procedure outweighs the cost for tummy tuck. There are particular groups of patients who do especially well with this procedure:

Post partum women: Due to pregnancy, abdominal muscles become stretched and laxity develops, causing lower abdominal bulging. Stretch marks from pregnancy and scars from C-sections or other gynecologic surgery can also play a role in disfiguring the lower abdomen.

Obesity and weight fluctuations: Frequent weight changes and reduction in weight from obesity to normal weight parameters may cause loss of skin elasticity in patients which can usually be significantly improved with abdominoplasty procedures adding value to the cost for tummy tuck.
As with all cosmetic surgery, abdominoplasty can improve your appearance and may improve your self confidence. One must be careful to realize that results may not match your expectations. Before deciding on surgery, think carefully and discuss your expectations with your surgeon and staff of Blue Water Surgical Centre.  Be sure to reflect on the added value to your life when considering the cost for tummy tuck.

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No Surgery Is Without Risk

Hundreds of abdominoplasties are performed each year at the Blue Water Surgical Centre Ltd. The results of this surgery are usually quite positive and provide a great deal of value to the cost for tummy tuck. However, there is always a risk associated with any surgery. Fortunately most complications are rare and can be prevented by closely following your surgeon’s instructions before and after the surgery. However, because much of the healing in surgery is dependent upon your body, there can never be a guarantee of a perfect outcome or a surgery with no risk.

Infection and blood clots are rare complications which can occur. Drainage and antibiotics can be used to treat infection but may prolong your recovery. The risk of blood clots can be minimized by getting up and moving as soon as possible after the surgery.  When considering the cost for tummy tuck all of these factors must be taken into account.

Smoking can decrease blood flow to the incision and the skin of the abdomen, resulting in poor healing and skin breakdown. Hence, smokers are advised to stop.

Conspicuous scars from poor healing may necessitate a second operation and may be completely unpredictable. This is not a complete list of all complications and a consult should be made with your surgeon to further discuss risks prior to deciding on the value versus cost for tummy tuck.

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Pre-Operative Planning

Planning your surgery is a complex process that involves many steps. In your initial consultation, your surgeon will evaluate your candidacy for the surgery, both physically and mentally. Physically, the extent of fat deposits in your abdominal region, any abdominal scars, and careful assessment of your skin tone are critical. Aside from the physical parameters, you will also be assessed mentally to determine if your expectations for such surgery are realistic. Be frank in discussing your expectations with your surgeon- he or she should be made aware of what your expectations versus cost for tummy tuck should be. He or she should be equally frank with you, describing your risks, benefits, and alternatives for each procedure.  The cost for tummy tuck should not just be considered in the financial sense but also with regard to time spent healing, possible complications, additional required procedures, etc.

There are a number of options for most people seeking tummy tuck surgery. Full tummy tucks, limited tummy tucks or liposuction in combination with any of the above or alone may be performed and all possibilities should be discussed in detail to help determine which will provide you with your best value for your cost for tummy tuck.

Post operative care needs, post operative activity limitations and time required to return to normal activities are all important parts of planning your surgery to maximize your result and to provide you with the best results for your cost for an Atlanta tummy tuck.

Getting Ready For The Operating Room

You will be given specific instructions on how to prepare for surgery. This will include guidelines on eating and drinking, smoking, and taking or avoiding certain vitamins and medications.

If you smoke, plan to quit at least three weeks before your surgery and not to resume for at least two weeks after your surgery. Avoid overexposure to the sun before surgery, especially to your abdomen, and do not go on a stringent diet, as both can inhibit your ability to heal. If you develop a cold or infection of any kind, your surgery will probably be postponed.  These considerations are necessary when deciding on your appropriate cost for tummy tuck.

You should always arrange for someone to drive you home after your surgery and to help you out for a day or two after you leave the clinic, if needed.


One of the most critical parts of your surgery is your anesthesia. In most centers in North America, anesthesia is provided either by an M.D. who is specialized in anesthesia or a nurse certified in anesthesia.

Post Operative

Your abdomen will probably be swollen for the first few days and you’re likely to feel some pain and discomfort which can be controlled by medication. You will be discharged the same day as your procedure but return for scheduled follow up appointments.  This support should be taken into consideration when factoring the cost for tummy tuck.

You will be immediately dressed with an abdominal binder which will help decrease swelling and protect the abdominal muscle repair by supporting it.
Your doctor will give you instructions for showering and changing your dressings. And though you may not be able to stand straight at first, you should start walking as soon as possible.

Most sutures will be dissolving and will not require removal. You may find ends of the sutures protruding through your skin; simply leave them in place until your post operative evaluation.

It may take you weeks or months to feel like your old self again. If you start out in top physical condition with strong abdominal muscles, recovery from abdominoplasty will be much faster. Some people return to work after two weeks, while others take three or four weeks to rest and recuperate.
Exercise will help you heal better. Even people who have never exercised before should begin an exercise program to reduce swelling, lower the chance of blood clots, and tone muscles. Vigorous exercise, however, should be avoided until your doctor advises you to do it.

As you heal, you will find an ever improving abdominal contour. Results will continue to improve for one year after your surgery.

Your scars may actually appear to worsen during the first three to six months as they heal, but this is normal. Expect it to take nine months to a year before your scars flatten out and lighten in color. While they’ll never disappear completely, abdominal scars will not show under most clothing, even under bathing suits.  This is quite an asset to the procedure when considering the cost for tummy tuck.

Abdominoplasty, whether partial or complete, produces excellent results for patients with weakened abdominal muscles or excess skin. And in most cases, the results are long lasting if you follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

If you’re realistic in your expectations and prepared for the consequences of a permanent scar and a lengthy recovery period, abdominoplasty may be just the answer for you.  The cost for tummy tuck may be inconsequential when all of the benefits are considered.

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