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Vanquish: Non-Surgical Fat Reduction & Cellulite Treatment

reduction-cellulite-treatmentVanquish is the first contact-free radio frequency treatment for non-invasive fat reduction with long lasting results. BlueWater Surgery Center is one of the first center in Atlanta to offer this ground-breaking technology for patients who desire to lose fat and cellulite but do not wish to undergo a plastic surgery procedure.

Vanquish procedures are able to reduce unwanted abdominal fat by eliminating up to 59% of the targeted fat cells. Vanquish is not painful, does not require anesthesia, and is very affordable.

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The Vanquish non-surgical fat reduction (and cellulite reduction) treatment is very popular by both or male and female patients at our Atlanta plastic surgery center.

Vanquish Fat Reduction Atlanta FAQ’s

How many treatments are needed?

Usually 4-6 it depends on your body type and what your doctor recommends.

How long is each treatment?

30 minutes.

Does it hurt?

No, the device does not touch your skin. Vanquish patients report a “warm” sensation.

How does it work?

Vanquish uses RF waves that target the fat cells and destroys them.

Does it effect the skin or muscles?

No, it only eliminates the fat cells, it does not effect the surrounding tissue.

Who are the best candidates for Vanquish?

Women and Men who wish to lose 2-4 inches from their waist.

When will I see results?

2-4 weeks after the final treatment, some patients report results within 2 weeks after the 1st treatment.
Is Vanguish similar to Liposuction Plastic Surgery? No, Vanquich is nonsurgical.
During a 30 minute session at our Atlanta office, the FDA approved medical device, Vanquish, emits radio frequency waves just above the abdomen to target fatty deposits and cellulite. As the Vanquish panel heats up, the radio frequency waves locate the fat cells and kill them with pain-free radio frequency heat. Some cells die immediately and the rest are killed over time.The fat and cellulite are destroyed are removed through the body through the lymphatic system.

For best results, the Vanquich session should be repeated once a week for an additional three weeks, with the fourth round showing the most significant improvement. Approximate weight loss expectation is one to two inches off the waist and two to three pounds overall (though some of our patients experience more inches lost as well as weight lost: this varies from case to case).

What Makes Vanquish Non-Surgical Far Reduction Unique?

What makes the Vanquish nonsurgical liposuction treatment unique is that the treatment area that the device can work on is the largest in the industry. No matter your shape or size Vanquish can treat the entire stomach region all at once. This system also does not require manipulation by the technician once it is in place above the targeted area.

Additionally, the Vanquish radiofrequency is selectively tuned to heat fat cells, essentially bypassing skin and muscle. This allows the Vanquish to treat the entire area to the same temperature, leaving it with a smooth contour without bulges or dimples.

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