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Alcoholic nose reshaping

rinoRhinophyma is a common nasal skin problem that is mistakenly assumed to be due to excessive alcohol use. It is really a problem of sebaceous hyperplasia of the skin and has little to do with alcohol intake. Most affected patients have varying degrees of enlargement of the nasal skin with bumpiness, redness and irregularity to the skin as well as multiple sebaceous cysts. There are multiple ways treat this problem. One is to excise the skin and replace it with a skin graft. However the cosmetic result is generally poor with obvious surgery performed to the skin. The second was to tangentially excise the skin with a surgical blade and reshape the nose. This is effective but has a great deal of blood loss associated with it as well as a long protracted healing time. My ideal approach is the use of a loop cautery to literally reshape and carve out the new nasal shape from the rhinophyma tissue. This has little to no bleeding, takes 3-4 weeks to heal and usually gives an excellent cosmetic result.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Rhinophyma Plastic Surgery

Where is the rhinophyma surgery treatment performed?

The rhinophyma treatment is performed at our fully accredited surgical out patient facility in Atlanta, Georgia: The Plastic Surgery Center of Atlanta.

Is anesthesia used for rhinophyma surgery?

Rhinophyma treatments may be performed with a local anesthetic, which may be combined with sedation.

How long does the actual rhinophyma treatment procedure take to perform?

Rhinophyma surgery typically only takes about one hour to perform.

What is the recovery like after rhinophyma surgery?

Combined resurfacing techniques for the treatment of rhinophyma typically have a ten to fourteen day recovery period. During this time, patients may experience some swelling or redness of the skin. Ointment is worn continuously during this time.

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