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Chin Augmentation Atlanta (Mentoplasty) / Chin Reduction

Chin Augmentation AtlantaChin augmentation Atlanta is a procedure that is gradually increasing in popularity. Much of the facial appearance and profile can be quite dramatically altered with chin augmentation. Ideal chin positions should be 1-2mm behind the furthest projection of the lower lip on women and at the furthest projection or slightly ahead of it in men. This of course has to be adjusted to individual parameters of varying facial features especially the nose chin relationship. Chin augments can be performed in various manners. The simplest method is by placing an artificial implant over the chin bone either through an internal incision in the mouth or an external incision under the chin. This surgery can be performed with either local or general anesthetic and usually takes less than an hour to perform with the patient seeing instant results and being able to leave home on the same day. Another approach without the use of implants is by cutting the chin bone surgically and advancing it forward. This can achieve similar results without the implant but generally involves more surgery and more healing. The options should thoroughly be discussed and all advantages and disadvantages discussed prior to choosing the correct procedure for you.

Chin Augmentation Plastic Surgery at BlueWater Surgery Center

Chin augmentation is performed to improve the balance of your facial outline and define your weak chin. There are two contemporary plastic surgery procedures available with us to get perfect fully defined attractive chin. A large number of patients do not consider cosmetic chin surgery to be painful surgery.  You can feel tightness in the skin after surgery due to the body’s normal swelling response.  Oral pain medications, which your plastic surgeon will prescribe you, can be used for a few days to manage discomfort.

Chin augmentation can be performed via two methods:

1. Using FDA approved medical chin implants for permanent results or,
2. Cosmetic injectable fillers can be used to enhance the contour of your chin for temporary results.

If your chin is too small it can affect all of your facial features. A small chin can make your nose look larger or your lips thinner, while a large chin can dwarf attractive features such as your eyes. Chin reduction surgery can reduce or increase the size of your chin, or re-position it to help balance your profile. Both men and women tend to undergo this procedure.
At the Plastic Surgery Center of Atlanta we have the specialist skills to properly assess the proportion of your face and tailor a chin reduction plastic surgery procedure that is best suited to you.

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