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Butt Implants AtlantaThere are 2 common operations performed in the buttock area, buttock lift and buttock implant. Buttock implants are usd to fillup the buttock area and accentuate the natural curves of the buttock. They are similar to a breast implant but specifically shaped and designed for the buttock region. They come in various sizes and shapes that should be customized for you. The surgery for placement requires 2 hours of general or spinal anesthetic.and you are generally an outpatient procedure. Buttock lift is a different operation. Buttock lifts do not increase the size of the buttocks like implants do but lift the sagging buttock. Liposuction can be added to shape the buttock at the same time. The lift is performed through an incision that is above the buttocks through which the underlying tissue is undermined and lifted. Excess tissue is then discarded. This gives a more shapely appearance to the buttock area.

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Oftentimes buttock implants plastic surgery is performed in conjunction with buttock lifts and liposuction of the lower back to yield incredible results.

Liposuction: Additionally, liposuction can enhance the buttocks and the hips and thighs around it. This surgical technique (minimizing the hips and thighs) essentially makes everything around it smaller and can indirectly make the buttocks look bigger and rounder compared to the rest of the body.

The Brazilian Butt Lift:

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a type of plastic surgery that is becoming the “gold standard” for butt augmentation and/or buttock reshaping. At the Plastic Surgery Center of Atlanta, your plastic surgeons will remove fat from areas of the body (via liposuction) where it is more plentiful (such as the flanks, hips, lower back, arms, thighs or tummy). This extra fat is then purified and re-injected it into your buttocks. In other words, you get 2 procedures in 1: the Brazilian Butt Lift and Liposuction. If you have too much fat in your ‘love handles’ and lower back making it hard to define where your back ends and buttocks begins this may make you a candidate for liposuction and buttock augmentation with fat grafting (the Brazilian Butt Lift technique).

Buttock Augmentation:

Buttock augmentation plastic surgery is an out-patient surgical procedure performed by our best in class Atlanta plastic surgeon’s that removes excess fat and skin to add contour to the waist, hips and back of the thighs. A surgical incision is made along the lower back, spanning from hip to hip. The plastic surgeon then pulls the excess skin below the incision to lift the buttocks and outer thighs. The extra skin is then removed. Sometimes, the skin only is removed and the fat is left attached to the underlying muscle but moved lower in the butt for added butt projection.

Buttock Implants:

Buttock implants plastic surgery is a highly customized procedure that involves an incision made between the mid-line of the buttocks. The plastic surgeon creates a pocket for the silicone implant and inserts it through this incision. There are various shapes and sizes of buttock implants to choose from. The buttock implant is positioned between muscle and fat or within the main buttock muscle. Buttock implants look and feel natural and essentially round out the upper and outer parts of the buttocks; but not the lower parts.

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