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Choosing a Breast Lift Procedure

breast-servicesMost commonly, the consequences of breast lifts before and after are weighed by women after having had children and experiencing a change in the shape of their breasts. The most common indication for this surgery is poorly misshapen breasts secondary to volume loss post pregnancy and by breast feeding. There are situations in which the problem of poor breast shape and size result from problems other than pregnancy, and breast lifts before and after may still be considered.

Conditions for a good candidate

You are satisfied with the size of your breasts, but they are pendulous and misshapen

Breasts are not firm and they lack substance
Your nipples and areolas point downward
Significant asymmetry of your breasts

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Consultation Expectations

Consultation is considered the first step for the patient considering dealing with breast lifts before and after.  Our surgeons will discuss your expectations for your results as well as assess your physical and emotional health. Come prepared, as there will be many important questions that will be asked of you during your consult in order to assess how you will handle breast lifts before and after surgery. Some examples of this are listed below:

  • Surgeries in past
  • Medications being taken
  • Past medical conditions
  • Allergies
  • Past weight loss experience and if the size of your breasts were affected

Our surgeons  will examine your breasts to consider their size, shape, skin quality, nipple placement and discuss these issues with you in order to completely inform you about the breast lifts before and after surgery.

Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

The method used for your breast lift surgery is determined by three main variables:

  • Your anatomy
  • Your surgeons preference
  • Your desired results

The method which is most commonly used and yields wonderful results for breast lifts before and after the surgery involves three incisions. The first incision is made completely around your areola. A second incision is made as a vertical incision running from the areola incision (bottom edge) down to the crease of your breast. A third incision is along the natural crease of your breasts.

Our surgeons will remove any excess breast skin. Then the remaining tissue is shaped and the nipple and areola are raised, which shifts them to a higher position. If necessary, the areola can be reduced in its size. Sometimes, liposuction may be used in conjunction with a breast lift. This will help improve the contour of your breasts, especially on the sides and provide you with your best possible results for breast lifts before and after the procedure.

You may be a candidate for alternative incision patterns which should be discussed thoroughly with our surgeons during your consult regarding your breast lifts before and after the variant form of the surgery.

Safety of Procedure

There are thousands of people each year who undergo this surgery and no major complications are experienced. All risks and benefits which coincide with this procedure must be understood. Our surgeons will discuss this with you. You also need to express any and all questions or concerns for breast lifts before and after surgery you may have regarding the safety of this procedure. The advice given by our surgeons must be followed by patients who have breast lifts- before and after your surgery. Following our surgeons instructions will decrease some of the risks.

Infection and blood clots are rare complications, but they can occur. Drainage and antibiotics can be used to treat infection but may prolong your recovery. The risk of blood clots can be minimized by the use of speciality garments during your surgery and making sure you up and moving around as soon as possible after the breast lift surgery.

Preparing for Surgery

Once you select a surgery date for your procedure, you will be given an information package by our surgeons. This package will remind you of items discussed in the consult process, preparation instructions for the operation and instructions regarding the post operative healing process.  The package will include everything necessary to ensure the best possible experience for breast lifts before and after the procedure.

Day of Surgery

Surgery is performed at our private clinic, which is fully accredited. Usually this procedure is performed under general anesthesia. General anesthesia is performed by a fully licensed anesthesiologist. Local anesthesia and intravenous sedation is used in some cases. No matter what choice of anesthetic is selected, during the procedure you will remain comfortable and your physical status is always monitored during the operation as well as recovery ensuring your safety for your breast lifts- before and after the procedure. You will most likely be discharged home that same day with a specific discharge package with instructions for care and an emergency contact number.

After Breast Lift Surgery

Immediately after surgery you will be brought to the recovery area. Your breasts will be covered with gauze dressings and a sports bra. You will experience minimal discomfort and your surgeon will prescribe medication for any pain you have.

Healing After Breast Lift Surgery

The healing rate varies, depending on the patient and their particular circumstances regarding their breast lifts before and after surgery.   This is a general time line of your expected recovery:

1st Week

You will feel more comfortable, begin to move around and even possibly return to work if it is non strenuous

Several Weeks

  • Bruising and swelling decrease
  • Discomfort will decrease
  • Most stitches are dissolvable Support bra is no longer necessary
  • Gradual improvement of nipple and areola
  • Return to normal activities

Few Months

    • Breasts begin to settle into more of a natural shape
    • Incision lines begin to fade

Follow-Up Appointments

Post operative appointments are essential to evaluate the progress of your healing process and your general progress with respect to your breast lifts from before to after the surgery. Our surgeons will want to continue assessment with periodic checkups. This is important because your surgeon can monitor your results and answer any of your questions and concerns post operatively.


Most people are very pleased and impressed with their results. Your breasts will tend to feel firmer and you will feel more youthful. Your nipple and areola position will be more proportional. Your incision lines are going to be permanently visible; however, fading of the incision lines will continue over time. They are concealed under any clothing or bathing suits.  The overall benefits of breast lifts from before to after and generally well received.

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