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Some men and women believe that the aging of their face does not help reflect their youthful attitudes nor their definition of aesthetic acceptance. Despite feeling young inside, when looking in the mirror they notice significant sagging of their neck and facial skin, making them look older than they feel and falling short of their definition of aesthetic beauty.

Consultation Expectations

Consultation is considered the first step for the patient. Our surgeons will discuss your definition of aesthetic expectations as well as assess your physical and emotional state. During your assessment, our surgeons will consider your bone structure as well as the underlying tissues of your face. Your skin will be assessed for its elasticity, thickness and texture. The muscles of your forehead and upper eyelid will also be evaluated during this assessment. Other important observations that our surgeons will make during assessment are where your eyebrows are positioned, upper eyelid positioning, the amount of excess tissue, and your hairline. Our surgeons may also suggest some other cosmetic options, which may assist in meeting your goals for your definition of aesthetic improvement. For example, a forehead lift will help the upper third of the face by removing excess skin and wrinkling above the eyebrows. Eyelid surgery may be required to help remove excess skin around the eyes. These and other options may be more suited to reaching your goal and definition of aesthetic gratification.

Come prepared as there will be many important questions asked of you during your consult. Some examples of this are listed below:

  • Surgeries in past
  • Medications being taken
  • Medical conditions
  • Allergies


A face-lift is defined as a surgical procedure, which assists in the improvement of aging in your face and neck areas, bringing you closer to your definition of an aesthetic appearance. You may appear tired or upset, mainly due to fat in your face falling and the sagging of your cheek fatpad. This tends to create a crease between the nose and mouth called a nasolabial fold, and excessive skin and fat hanging off your jawbone, called jowels. As aging progresses, the neck skin becomes loose and vertical bands of neck skin and fat become visible as well. Each of these factors or a combination of any of them can cause an individual to fall short of their ideal definition of aesthetic acceptability.

A face-lift’s intention is to give you a more youthful and rested appearance. However, a face lift is not designed to stop the aging process. Our surgeons may suggest procedures, which can be used in conjunction. For example: a brow lift, cosmetic eyelid surgery, facial implants or tissue augmentation. Our surgeons will observe your quality of skin, muscle structure, bone structure as well as what exact condition is the main contribution to your appearance. He will also take into consideration your definition of aesthetic acceptance.

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Safety of Procedure

There are thousands of people each year who undergo this surgery and no major complications are experienced. All risks and benefits, which coincide with this procedure, must be understood. Dr. Kaila will discuss this with you and confirm that the benefits of reaching your definition of aesthetic pleasure will outweigh the risks. You also need to express any and all questions or concerns you have regarding the safety of this procedure. The advice given by our surgeons must be followed before and after your surgery. Following our surgeons advice will decrease some of the risks and allow you to achieve your definition of aesthetic acceptance.

Preparing for Surgery

Once you select a surgery date for your procedure, you will be given an information package by our surgeons. This package will remind you of items discussed in the consult process, provide you with preparation instructions for the operation and instructions regarding the postoperative healing process. This will also bring you one step closer to achieving your definition of aesthetic happiness.

Day of Surgery

Local anesthesia and intravenous sedation is used in some cases depending on your individual needs as you approach your definition of aesthetic beauty. No matter what choice of anesthetic is selected, during the procedure you will remain comfortable and your physical status is always monitored during the operation as well as in recovery. You will most likely be discharged home that same day with a specific discharge package, which contains instructions for care and an emergency contact number.

After Surgery

Immediately after surgery you are brought to the recovery area. You will notice that you may have a head dressing around your forehead which will be there to minimize swelling. You will experience minimal discomfort and your surgeon will prescribe medication for any pain you may experience. You will be one step closer to achieving your definition of aesthetic quality.


As you begin your healing process, you will notice swelling, bruising and possibly numbness. These conditions are common and are controlled with medication and are a necessary step to achieving your definition of aesthetic brilliance. Our surgeons will advise you regarding postoperative care. Your head needs to be elevated at all times until your swelling has decreased. Facelift incisions are normally healed within one week. After two to four weeks you will be able to go back to work, resuming light to normal activities. Makeup can be worn to hide remaining bruising or discoloration. You will observe an improvement in swelling and incisions for several more weeks. Until full and complete healing has been achieved and you are well on your way to becoming your definition of aesthetic acceptance, sun protection is very important.

Follow-Up Appointments

Postoperative appointments are essential to evaluate the progress of your healing process. Our surgeons will want to continue assessment with periodic checkups. This is important because our surgeons can monitor your results and answer any of your questions and concerns post operatively. These may include clinical questions as well as those regarding your definition of aesthetic approval.


For all swelling to fully diminish, it could possibly take several months. Your incision lines could take up to six months to heal. Sun protection is important for lifelong use. This will obviously help prevent further aging of your newly revived face and to help maintain your definition of aesthetic beauty.

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